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We carry over a dozen labeling materials for you to choose from,including mirrocoat paper,wood free paper,thermal paper,silver/gold foil, fluorescent paper ,kraft paper,white /clear PE,PVC,PP,PET,BOPP, etc. These labels with different adhesive could meet your requirement.

Mirrocoat paper labels:
Mirrorcoat paper stickersare the cost-effective options to select for your stickers and labels.Mirrorcoat paper sticker is a glossy white base paper sticker. This paper ismostly used for indoor purposes. However, it can also be used for outdoor if isa short period of time. Glossy white labels are the most popular type of labelmaterial which provides an attractive color when it comes to 4 color process toyour label design. Lamination or UV coating can be used to keep the glossy effect.

Woodfree Paper labels
Woodfree paper stickers are the cost-effective options to select for yourstickers and labels. Simili paper is a rough matt white base paper sticker. Itis a good selection if you do not want to have any shiny effect and it’s easy for writing.

Direct Thermal Labels
Direct thermal labels are normally used to print food information such asproducts to be frozen. Instead of using ink to print this label, the printeruses heat-sensitive material which turns black when exposed to the thermalprint head.

The images and content of the thermal can be faded away if they overexposed toheat and light. Therefore, the environment or location of this direct thermallabel to be used is extremely important. This label is more suitable for groceriesas the items normally do not overexposed to heat and light.

Foil  labels:

Would you like to give your product an elegant touch?With a metallic shine, foil labels can add instant visual impact to yourlabels. Our most popular colors are gold and silver, but by using other inks,we can tint the foil to create other colors.

Metalized silver paper or film are label stocks usedto simulate an elegant, shiny, "foil look" to your label andpackaging. These materials are more cost effective alternatives to coldfoil-stamping. It is not only used to simulate silver, but any metal colorincluding gold, bronze, copper, and any spot color. Printing white onto thesematerials can mask specific foil areas and any remaining exposed foil can bedirectly printed on to achieve the final look.

The foil appearance greatly enhances shelf appeal.The reflectiveness is eye-catching, and the elegance associated with preciousmetals can greatly influence the brand status of your product

Fluorescent Labels
Need to brighten up your label to get more attention from customer? Yes,fluorescent label can provide you this visual effect which can catch yourcustomer’sattention faster than the normal regular labels. We have six types of color offluorescent label stocks which are Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Orange. We also havedifferent selection of customize die-cut shapes which can give you thebrightest and unique shapes of labels on the shelf

White/ clear PE,PVC,PP,BOPP,PET labels

Does your label have to stay applied through toughconditions like freezing or hot temperatures, or dampness and humidity? Weoffer a large selection of waterproof label materials as well as weatherprooflabel materials.  Using the rightmaterials, our labels can avoid any moisture that may appear.

If you are unsure aboutwhat material type is best suited for your product, speak to one of ourrepresentative so we can help you pick the best combination of material andlaminate so that the labels can withstand any kind of condition.