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Beyond label uses flexographic label printing. It is ideal for larger runs of custom printed labels. This printing method affords a wide assortment of materials and technical capabilities. For instance, we can produce pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeve films, and holographic labels all on the same flexographic press.

Flexography is a printing process which uses a flexible relief plate that feels rubbery like a craft stamp. This flexible plate is wrapped around a printing cylinder and adhered with sticky tape. Flexo printing had its foundation in letterpress printing, and was developed to address the shortcomings of letterpress. It is much more versatile than letterpress in that it can be used for printing on almost any type of substrate, including plastic, metallic films, and many papers. Flexo is widely used for printing on the non-porous substrates required for various types of food packaging. It is also well suited for printing large areas of solid color. Flexo does well printing metallic inks, opaque whites, and flexo inks anchor well on a broad range of materials including polyester, polypropylene, flourescent labels, vinyl labels, and most coated papers.


Product on Rolls: High Speed application is required for many packaging components such as labels, coupons, and flexible packaging.  Line speeds up to 500 parts-per-minute can be achieved with flexo-printed labels.

Printing Speed: Rolls of material, not sheets, are fed into the flexo printing press. By eliminating the handling of sheets presses can be run at higher line speeds. On set-up, flexography has a very low run waste level.

Combination Printing: With flexography's roll-to-roll process, other printing processes may be placed in-line for combination printing. Rotary hot-stamp, embossing, screen printing and variable data printing can be accomplished with one pass.

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